Brake Specialists

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Faulty or worn-out car brakes can be dangerous. When you notice problems with your brakes, don’t hesitate to go to the car brake specialists in St. Paul, MN. Dynotech Auto Repair will help you troubleshoot your car brake problems. Keep safe on the road and have your brakes checked routinely at our auto shop.

Get Your Alternators Checked

Your car needs a battery to start and run properly. That battery is kept charged by an alternator, which is a very important component in your car. Not only does it keep your battery charged, it also provides power to your car’s lights and other electric equipment You likely first learn that you have an alternator problem when a warning light appears on your dash. This will often say “ALT”, “BATT”, “GEN”, or something similar. However, this is just a guide as you may have problems with your alternator without these lights showing. Common symptoms of a car with a faulty alternator are difficulty starting, or dimmer-than-normal lights.

Turn to Affordable Car Service Providers

We keep our prices low so that your money, and your car, goes further. We do this by offering special discounts and promos. Learn how you can have expert car repair and maintenance service while saving money. Call Dynotech Auto Repair today.

We Can Help You In

• Fixing or replacing starter motors
• Repairing and replacing alternators
• Repairing or replacing generators
• Replacing or repairing regulators and solenoids