Brake Specialists

Trusted in Car Brake Repair

Faulty or worn-out car brakes can be dangerous. When you notice problems with your brakes, don’t hesitate to go to the car brake specialists in St. Paul, MN. Dynotech Auto Repair will help you troubleshoot your car brake problems. Keep safe on the road and have your brakes checked routinely at our auto shop.

Safe-Driving is a Must

To ensure your safety while driving your car, you should have dependable car brakes. Every time you press the pedal, your car brakes should stop your car right away. They should not be spongy, and they should not make any sort of grinding or squealing noises. We can diagnose your brake problem and explain the options you have for repair. We will always give the best advice to suit your vehicle and your budget.

Choose From Flexible Car Service Options

We can replace your car components with new parts or have remanufactured parts installed instead. We will consult you on which option is better for your car given your preference and budget. Contact Dynotech Auto Repair today and choose from our flexible and affordable car service options.

To Keep Your Brakes Secure, We Can

• Exchange brake fluid 
• Inspect the health of your brakes
• Remove air and other contaminants from the system
• Replace brake calipers
• Replace brake pads and brake shoes
• Replace wheel cylinders
• Resurface brake rotors and drums