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Turn to Us for Car Suspension Service

We do car suspension services, engine check-ups, and everything in between. Dynotech Auto Repair in St. Paul, MN is the go-to place for your car needs. We will make sure that your car suspension will properly maximize the friction between the tires and the road surface to provide you comfort in driving.

Give the Best Service for Your Car

Your car suspension endures a lot of wear and tear  and this can result in damaging your steering and suspension system. Car steering systems that are not correctly operational can be dangerous. Don’t wait for an accident to happen. Call us today Dynotech Auto Repair and let us run a car inspection.

Other Services

• Brake Service
• Electrical & Electronic Systems Repair 
• Engine Calibration Specialists
• Oil Changes/Fluid Change
• Precise Diagnosis & Tuning of Fuel Injected Carbureted Computer Controlled Systems
• Routine Maintenance 
• Timing Belt Service